At OBN we are committed to the global challenges of society. This way of acting is part of our strategy and management model.

How do we contribute to these objectives?


We work with maximum transparency and promote the rule of law, ethics and strict compliance with the law, always respecting the code of conduct of the profession.


We offer professional development opportunities and are committed to multidisciplinary profiles, maintaining our commitment to diversity and equality.


We provide the financial strength that guarantees the continuity and sustainability of our activity.


We invest in innovation and technology and seek effective solutions that strengthen and enhance our work and, of course, the relationship with our customers.


We encourage research, education and dissemination so that our professionals are in direct contact with the news of the market to contribute to a professional practice based on the most effective and modern solutions.


We love our work, thats why we post information on and our policy and ongoing with rigorous honesty and maintain a constant dialogue with our stakeholders.

Our Commitment