Corporate and Commercial

We have extensive experience in advising on all types of commercial matters, from attending Meetings of Partners and Boards of Directors to all types of restructuring operations, mergers and acquisitions.

Our team of professionals will advise you on:


Corporate finance and acquisitions

Advice on simple or syndicated financing, structured in one or several tranches, senior and subordinated, to undertake investment and development plans, as well as the financing of corporate acquisitions and private equity finance in general.


National and international mergers and acquisitions.

This includes due diligence procedures, structuring of relevant transactions, and drafting and negotiation of contracts and related documents.


Real estate financing Advice

On simple and syndicated structured real estate financing in its various forms with mortgage guarantees and pledges on credit rights, both on the part of the financiers and the financed entity and, above all, the type of real estate (such as shopping centers, offices, hotels, logistics centers, business parks).


Purchase and sale of businesses

Advice on the preliminary steps, the necessary negotiations, the drafting of documents and contracts, on the purchase and sale transaction, and on subsequent transactions.

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    June 2022
    The new regulation of the ''Startups'' Bill presents a series of changes aimed at promoting the creation and relocation of startups in Spain, boosting R&D&I, attracting talent and international capital to our country, and avoiding the ''brain drain''.
    Extranjeros invirtiendo en el mercado español
    May 2022
    Spain has become an international benchmark for investment and entrepreneurship. Aware of this, institutions are betting on the establishment of international startups in our territory. Throughout the 2021 financial year, the more than 7,150 startups that had been active in our country until then doubled.