What and how will the business of the future look like?

Do you want to start a business and don’t know if it can be successful? Knowing the business trends in the future can help you to know if there is a market available for your idea to succeed and generate income. In this post we tell you what is the current market situation in terms of booming business and what trends exist for the future.

What is the current market situation?

The digital transformation has changed the current market and has created new business opportunities that did not exist a few years ago. The pandemic, due to COVID-19, has changed the way we consume, shop and work. We live in a time of work automation, technological advances and social and cultural changes.

In today’s market, several aspects stand out, such as the following:

The rise of e-commerce

In 2021, the top 250 e-commerce companies in Spain increased their sales by 76% and the sectors with the highest number of sales were electronics and fashion. Today, we buy almost everything online and online sales continue to grow.

Boosting the health sector

The health sector gained importance during the pandemic and various aspects such as telehealth and biotechnology have been developed. The use of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence have also been key to controlling COVID-19 and monitoring its evolution.

Collaborative tools

Businesses have moved from face-to-face, to remote and now to hybrid or blended working. Working from home is possible thanks to collaboration and productivity monitoring tools.


In every city we see scooters, bicycles and electric motorbikes that help to avoid pollution and to get around quickly. Micromobility is a current trend that has led to the emergence of new regulations in cities to regulate traffic with these types of vehicles.

Nutrition and wellbeing

In relation to the health sector, nutrition and wellness have been essential elements in our daily lives for years and a multitude of businesses have emerged, such as mobile applications or video games related to this sector.

But the questions are: will these trends continue in the future, what business ideas are likely to succeed in the coming years? We analyse them below.

Key business trends for the coming years

In relation to business trends for the future, we can highlight the following:

E-commerce will continue to be important

Although there are currently large platforms such as Amazon or eBay that have a large market share, there are still many niches in e-commerce where there are opportunities if specialization and personalization of service is provided.

Online training will grow, but learning will be different

Markets change and we all need to update our knowledge, so the field of online training will continue to grow and focus on microlearning, a type of training delivered with multimedia material in pills.

Digital marketing and its new specialists

Digital marketing has been developing for years and more and more specialists are emerging. In the future, trends such as the use of AR in online retail or bid optimization with Smart Bidding (bidding strategy using machine learning) will evolve.

The rise of green business

One of the aspects most valued by investors when it comes to investing in projects is the company’s involvement in environmental and social factors. In this sense, businesses related to bio-construction, non-polluting vehicles or forest management, among others, will be booming.

Caring for the elderly

The ageing of the current population is evident. Spain is the second country in the European Union with the lowest birth rate. Therefore, in this sector there will also be business opportunities in the future related to the care of elderly or disabled people.

As you have seen, there are many business ideas for selling products and services that can adapt to the trends we have analysed and generate income. Before starting a business, it is important to study the market in depth and create a business model adapted to the reality and needs of consumers at any given moment, which is capable of pivoting in the face of changes.