Real Estate Commercialisation

If you want to buy, sell or rent a property, OBN& Patrimonial is at your disposal to advise you throughout the entire Real Estate commercialisation process.

 OBN& Patrimonial has sealed a strategic alliance with Proddigia. A collaboration that has been consolidated with the aim of offering a comprehensive and high-quality service to all our clients.

Why we are the best option to commercialise your property?

1. Expertise

Legal department specialised in Real Estate Law with in-depth knowledge of the sector.

2. Comprehensive advice

Legal and tax advice on all types of Real Estate transactions.

3. A highly qualified team

Professionals with more than 20 years of experience and specialised in property commercialisation.

Do you want to commercialise a property? We help you

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    The strategic alliance with Proddigia has been consolidated with a specific purpose: to offer a comprehensive and quality service to all our clients, focusing all our efforts on our expertise, the strategic advice.

    Mario Oller, partner and lawyer specialised in Real Estate Law, says this alliance:

    “By incorporating Proddigia as a partner in the commercialisation of our clients’ properties, we are expanding our portfolio of services”.

    Comercialización inmobiliaria

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