Administrative Banking

In the field of banking, in recent years have proliferated exponentially claims to banking institutions, in OBN have lawyers specializing in banking law, who advise both individuals and financial institutions in any judicial or extrajudicial claim related to financial products, structured and complex financial derivatives such as:

In the field of Civil Liability, we are specialized in matters such as:


Claims for floor clauses inserted in mortgage-backed loans.


Claims for abusive clauses (interest on arrears, expenses, early maturity clauses, etc.) included in mortgage-backed loans.


Claims for financial products such as swaps, bonds, preferred stock, etc.


Claims derived from credit and debit card contracts with abusive interest.


Abusive practices carried out by financial institutions, by entities dedicated to the management of securities portfolios, etc.

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    Personal Income Tax
    November 2022
    On 10 October, the Supreme Court approved the ruling, supporting the criteria of the Inland Revenue. It is considered that when the dissolution of the community or the extinction of the condominium of a property is desired, it must be taken into account that if the value of the property is higher than the value it had when it was acquired, a capital gain is generated. Therefore, this difference must be taxed in the Personal Income Tax (IRPF).
    October 2022
    E-commerce has been gaining power for years and the COVID-19 crisis has further accelerated the inclusion of this type of business in society. In this article we will define what exactly e-commerce is and what we need to know in order to start our own online business.