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Can a boss check an employee’s WhatsApp on a company mobile phone?

Companies often give electronic devices to their employees for the performance of their duties, such as mobile phones and computers. In these cases, two elements collide: the employer's right to take surveillance and control measures and the fundamental rights of employees such as privacy, protection of personal data and secrecy of communications.

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New reporting obligations on cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies are evolving at great speed and in order to have greater control over this type of asset and avoid tax fraud, last July three new information forms relating to transactions with virtual currencies were approved. These forms will have to be used for returns to be filed in 2024.

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Will the earnest money be forfeited if financing for the purchase is not secured?

In an earnest money contract, if the buyer does not obtain mortgage financing, repayment depends on the agreement. A recent ruling highlights that if sellers ask for an unviable loan, they are not repaid. In Catalonia, the buyer can withdraw if financing is denied, with certain terms. Each case is unique and advice is key.

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Mortgages in the face of rising Euribor: what to do?

In recent months the Euribor rate has risen sharply. It is considered that, on average, mortgages have increased by around 300 euros and interest rates are likely to continue to rise. In this post, we analyse the different options you have to reduce the impact on your economy.

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Employment rights if you are a polling station

On 23 July 2023, general elections will be held in Spain and some citizens have been drawn by lot to be part of a polling station. Below, we will analyse the employment rights of those who have been elected to a polling station and what the consequences are if you do not go.

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