Employment rights if you are a polling station

On 23 July 2023, general elections will be held in Spain and some citizens have been drawn by lot to be part of a polling station. Below, we will analyse the employment rights of those who have been elected to a polling station and what the consequences are if you do not go.

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End of the health crisis situation caused by COVID-19

An end to the most visible and emblematic measure of the pandemic, Goodbye to face masks! Yesterday, 5 July 2023, three years after the start of the pandemic, the end of the health crisis caused by COVID-19 in the country was finally declared. Thanks to the assessment of the Coordination Centre for Health Alerts and Emergencies, which has determined that Covid-19 is under control.

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New work and parental leave for 2023: everything you need to know

On 30 June last, the Council of Ministers approved the new work and parental leaves, with the aim of favouring the reconciliation of family and personal life. Find out about the main new features in our Blog

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Moving to another province during a pandemic does not oblige the company to accept teleworking

As a consequence of the Pandemic, 4 out of 10 employees in Europe started teleworking. A large number of workers changed their residence for various reasons and continued to telework. Now, once the pandemic is over, should companies accept teleworking for those workers who changed their residence during this time?

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What do we need to know about Digital Marketing?

Technological advances and digitalisation are concepts that have become very important in recent years and this digital transformation has led to the birth of new professions and disciplines related to technology and new communications, such as Digital Marketing.

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Is permanent disability compatible with retirement?

When you receive a pension for permanent disability and the age of retirement approaches, it is likely that we ask ourselves the question of whether these two are compatible, so in this post we analyse what is Permanent Disability and what is the Retirement Pension, and if you can opt for both pensions, whether you can receive both or, on the contrary, you must choose between the two options.

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