New Restrictions in Catalonia

Today, October 30th, the Resolution SLT/2700/2020, of October 29th, has been published in the DOGC, extending and modifying the public health measures for the containment of the epidemic outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in the territory of Catalonia.

The Government of Catalonia has approved through this resolution new measures that complement those previously in force in terms of restricting mobility and closing certain establishments; measures that present a reduction in social interaction and transmission of the virus.

Perimeter confinement

It is decreed the perimeter confinement of the autonomous community of Catalonia for 15 days. In addition, the confinement of the municipalities during the weekends is established, being applied from 6 hours on Friday to 6 hours on Monday.

In any case, travel is allowed for justified reasons related to work, assistance to health and social centers, return to the usual residence or family, assistance or care of the elderly, urgent legal proceedings, force majeure, among others.

In both cases it will be necessary to have the document of self-responsibility approved by the Generalitat, available for download on its website in digital format or in PDF.

As an exception for this weekend of All Saints is allowed to change municipality to visit the cemeteries, but only within the same region during Saturday 31 and Sunday 1.


The owners of public and private workplaces are obliged to limit as much as possible the labor mobility of workers, adopting the necessary organizational and technical measures to make it possible. In the event that the labor service must be provided in person, staggered entry and exit times, flexible hours or similar must be established.


The opening to the public of shopping centers and commercial areas is suspended, in these only the opening of establishments dedicated to the sale of food, hygienic products, of first necessity or pharmacies is allowed. Stores with a surface area of less than 800 m2 that have independent access to the street are also allowed to open in shopping centers, reducing the capacity to 30%.

The opening of retail establishments is conditioned to the fact that they have a sales area of less than 800 m2 and that the capacity is also reduced to 30%. If this area is exceeded in any establishment, the sales space must be limited to 800 m2 and the capacity must be reduced by the same percentage.

Sports, cultural and educational activities

Gyms and sports centers are closed, with the exception of high performance centers. The postponement of all sports competitions scheduled to take place in Catalonia is established, except for official state, international and professional competitions that must be held without public attendance. The practice of individual sports activities in the open air between neighbouring municipalities will be permitted.

As far as cultural activities are concerned, the theaters, cinemas, concert halls and similar facilities will be closed. On the other hand, the archives, museums, exhibition halls, and art galleries will remain open and their capacity will be reduced to 33%.

In the educational field, virtual teaching is mandatory in all cases where it is possible for high school and university studies or higher, except for exams and practices, which may be taken to cano in person by taking extreme protective measures. The activities of the infantile and juvenile leisure are suspended and the development of the extra-curricular activities is suspended mainly.

Other measures

Meetings and gatherings of more than six people are prohibited, unless they belong to the “bubble of coexistence”. This limitation does not apply to the right of demonstration and political participation.

Religious acts and civil ceremonies, including weddings, religious services, funeral ceremonies, must limit attendance to 30% of the capacity.

Public transport will maintain its supply at 100% despite the decrease in demand. It will be possible to adjust the offer at night and weekends, depending on the evolution of the demand.

The celebration of congresses, conventions, commercial fairs and major parties is suspended.

Maintenance of the previous measures and others

In mid-October it was ordered to close to the public all hotel establishments, beauty centers and other non-essential contact services, a measure adopted in the first place with a duration of 15 days which is extended by this resolution. In bars and restaurants it is allowed to provide collection services in the establishment or home delivery. The latter activity can be carried out between 06.00 and 23.00.

Since 25 October, a restriction on night-time mobility (known as “curfew”) has also been established between 10pm and 6am the following day. This measure is maintained and affects all movements, except those that are duly justified for the same reasons listed above, which allow movement between confined territories.