Management of Owners’ Community

Experts in Horizontal Property.

We deal with the administrative and financial management of the community. Also, we offer legal advisory services and project planning and implementation.

We consider the management of Owners’ Community as an integral service of both administration and advice.

Our service is based on rigorous budget control, efficient management of property maintenance and the advice of a team with more than 20 years of experience in the real estate sector.

We deal with the entire management of your Community.

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    PURPOSE: To respond to inquiries and/or provide the information required by the user.
    LEGITIMIZATION: Consent of the data subject.
    CESSION: It only could be transfer for legal obligation or judicial injunction.
    RIGHTS: Access, rectification, elimination, opposition, limitation, portability and restriction of processing. If you think that the treatment to your personal data is not following the regulation you can go to the Supervisory authority (

    How to request a change of Community Manager?

    • Service leasing contracts (which is what is done to contract a Community Manager) have a duration of one year, unless otherwise stated in the contract (which is not usually the case). Therefore, this date must be taken into account in order to avoid indemnities.
    • There are two options:
      1. Await the ordinary meeting, called by the President as every year, which will have the attendance of the Community Manager who is to be dismissed.
      2. Urge that the meeting take place as soon as possible in order to remove him, in what is called an extraordinary meeting, for which it is necessary:
      • As deemed appropriate by the President
      • If requested by a quarter of the owners of the community
      • One quarter of the participation coefficients may request it
    • The correct way to proceed is to hold two votes, one for the dismissal of the previous Community Manager and another for the recruitment of a new one.
    • It is not necessary to elect a new Community Manager at the same meeting at which the old one is removed. The disadvantage of this is that there will be a period of time without a Community Manager, which could, for example, cause imbalances in the accounting management of the community.

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