Due Diligence

Our services consist of assisting a potential buyer, whether corporate or private equity, in the process of the asset analysis in the context of a transaction.

In OBN we help companies in the process of research and study of an operation to obtain information about opportunities and threats before making any acquisition, merger by absorption, or exchange of shares with another company.

Our team of professionals will advise you on:


Analysis of recurrent profitability.


Analysis of the key indicators in the historical evolution of the business and of the Company’s operations as a group.


Analysis of the investments in assets and the future investment plan.


Analysis of the company’s Net Debt

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    self-employed and SMEs
    September 2023
    From 2025 you could be exempt from paying VAT for the self-employed and SMEs with a turnover of less than 85,000 euros per year. In this article we tell you how it works and what new features will apply from 2025.
    September 2023
    Cryptocurrencies are evolving at great speed and in order to have greater control over this type of asset and avoid tax fraud, last July three new information forms relating to transactions with virtual currencies were approved. These forms will have to be used for returns to be filed in 2024.
    work accidents
    August 2023
    The General Social Security Act (LGSS), which states in paragraph 1 that: An accident at work means any bodily injury suffered by the worker on the occasion or as a result of work performed by him or her as an employee.