General Taxation

Our firm offers its clients a team specialized in general taxation. The professionals making up this area provide a quality service in line with their solid legal and economic background.

We have extensive experience in advising on all types of tax matters.


Advice on Indirect Taxation

Tax advice on indirect taxes such as Value Added Tax (VAT), capital transfers Tax and Stamp Duty (ITP-AJD in Spanish) and local taxation.


Human Capital Services

Tax advisory services on issues related to expatriation of employees and managers, as well as tax-optimized compensation schemes.


Transfer Pricing Tax

Advice on related-party transactions, their analysis of comparability and preparation of the Master File, as well as Advice in case of inspections.


Preparation and presentation of tax consultations

Tax advice in the preparation and presentation of tax consultations, for our clients’ best defense interests.

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    Family business
    February 2023
    In family businesses, in order to guarantee the continuity of the business, there comes a time when it is necessary to choose the successor to the founder or the family member who is at the head of the company. The succession of these businesses is not an easy process, it must be very well planned to prevent family businesses from disappearing or ending up in the hands of third parties, therefore, in this post, we make a brief summary of how we should do it.
    Non-disabling permanent lesion
    February 2023
    The non-disabling permanent injury is a compensatory indemnity for workers who chronically suffer a reduction of less than 33% of their normal performance in their usual profession, and do not present functional reductions that prevent them from carrying out their professional functions normally.
    permanent incapacity
    January 2023
    When you receive a pension for permanent disability and the age of retirement approaches, it is likely that we ask ourselves the question of whether these two are compatible, so in this post we analyse what is Permanent Disability and what is the Retirement Pension, and if you can opt for both pensions, whether you can receive both or, on the contrary, you must choose between the two options.